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Finding useful health information on the Internet can be difficult, but we’re here to help. This page gathers quality information from trusted sources. You can learn more about the disease, visit handpicked websites, and find resources to help you in your daily life. Need more information? Click the menu on the left to find more!



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Trusted Medical Sites

Mayo Clinic A website that provides disease symptoms and treatment information.

Support Organizations

Support organizations can provide help and guidance in areas such as peer matching, education and training, and therapy and counseling.

Disease Resources

Resources can help guide your quest for factual and reliable information.
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Low Vision Resources
Added On: May 14, 2015
Category: General
Links to products and services available for people with low vision.
Glaucoma Research Progress Reports
Added On: May 14, 2015
Category: General
Information about glaucoma research progress
Free Glaucoma Newsletter
Added On: May 14, 2015
Category: General
Information for glaucoma patients
Glaucoma Care and Treatment Information
Added On: May 14, 2015
Category: General
Glaucoma Care and Treatment options
USH Talks - Video Presentations on Usher syndrome
Publish Date: Nov 29, 2016
Category: General
This video podcast delivers the latest in research developments and community stories directly to you.