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B-Cell Lymphomas

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A Study of C-CAR066 in Subjects With r/r B Cell Lymphoma Who Received CD19 CAR-T Therapy
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Jul 29, 2019
First Received: Jul 29, 2019
Disease(s): B Cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): CD20-directed CAR-T cells
Locations: Shanghai Tongji Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China
Study of SD-101 in Combination With Localized Low-dose Radiation in Patients With Untreated Low-grade B-cell Lymphoma
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Jul 18, 2019
First Received: Oct 16, 2014
Disease(s): B-cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): SD-101, Radiation therapy
Locations: Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California, United States
Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, United States
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa, United States
Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York, United States
... and 1 other locations.
Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) Inhibition in B-cell Lymphomas
Status: Terminated
Last Changed: Oct 11, 2018
First Received: Feb 05, 2014
Disease(s): B-cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): Ibrutinib and immunochemotherapies
Locations: Universite Catholique de Louvain Saint Luc, Bruxelles, Belgium
CHU de Liège, Liège, Belgium
CHU UCL Namur asbl, Yvoir, Belgium
Centre François Baclesse, Caen, France
Hôpital Henri Mondor, Créteil, France
... and 11 other locations.
Microtransplantation and Checkpoint Blockade Immunotherapy for Relapsed or Refractory B Cell Lymphomas
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Sep 25, 2019
First Received: Apr 19, 2019
Disease(s): B Cell Lymphomas
Intervention(s): Nivolumab, Microtransplantation
Locations: Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, United States
A Study Evaluating CPI-1205 in Patients With B-Cell Lymphomas
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Sep 06, 2019
First Received: Mar 23, 2015
Disease(s): B-Cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): CPI-1205
Locations: Horizon Oncology Center, Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska, United States
John Theurer Cancer Center, Hackensack, New Jersey, United States
The Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, United States
... and 2 other locations.
Treatment of Mature B-cell Lymphoma/Leukaemia
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Mar 28, 2012
First Received: Sep 13, 2005
Disease(s): B-Cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): half cyclophosphamide, without COPADM3, mini CYVE, without 3 maintenance courses, LMB B, LMB C
Locations: Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital of New York Presbyterian, New York, New York, United States
Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France
Sheffield Children's Hospital, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Evaluation of 4th Generation Safety-designed CAR T Cells Targeting High-risk and Refractory B Cell Lymphomas
Status: Unknown status
Last Changed: Oct 20, 2014
First Received: Sep 25, 2014
Disease(s): B-cell Lymphomas
Intervention(s): Anti-CD19 CAR T cells
Locations: Peking University Cancer Hospital, Beijing, Beijing, China
INCB050465 in Combination With Rituximab, Bendamustine and Rituximab, or Ibrutinib in Participants With Previously Treated B-Cell Lymphoma (CITADEL-112)
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Sep 13, 2019
First Received: Feb 06, 2018
Disease(s): B-cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): Parsaclisib, Rituximab, Bendamustine, Ibrutinib
Locations: University of Arizona Cancer Center- Out Pt, Tucson, Arizona, United States
Indiana Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Texas Oncology, Austin, Texas, United States
Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, Dallas, Texas, United States
... and 17 other locations.
Prognosis Of Patients With Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoma, Treated With Rituximab+Anthracycline Regimen
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Nov 23, 2011
First Received: Nov 23, 2011
Disease(s): B-Cell Lymphomas
Locations: Hemocentro-Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil
Centro Medico, Santa Isabel, Brazil
Centro Paulista de Oncologia, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Santa Casa Medical School, Sao Paolo, Brazil
A.O.SS. Biagio, Antonio e Cesare Arrigo, Alessandria, Italy
... and 35 other locations.
Study of TG-1801 in Subjects With B-Cell Lymphoma
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 02, 2019
First Received: Jan 15, 2019
Disease(s): B-Cell Lymphoma
Intervention(s): TG-1801
Locations: Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, Heidelberg, Australia
The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
TG Therapeutics Investigational Trial Site, Nedlands, Australia