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Novel PET Radioligands as Inflammatory Biomarkers in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Myositis
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 23, 2020
First Received: Apr 11, 2019
Disease(s): Myositis
Intervention(s): Celecoxib, 11C-MC1, 11C-ER176
Locations: National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, United States
Safety and Tolerability of Phenylbutyrate in Inclusion Body Myositis
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Sep 02, 2020
First Received: Jun 09, 2020
Disease(s): Inclusion Body Myositis, Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis
Intervention(s): Phenylbutyrate Oral Tablet
Locations: University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Exercise, Creatine and Coenzyme Q10 for Childhood Myositis
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Mar 18, 2020
First Received: Feb 26, 2020
Disease(s): Myositis, Juvenile
Intervention(s): creatine monohydrate, ubiquinol, glucose tablet, gel capsule, Exercise
Locations: The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
MYOPROSP - a Prospective Cohort Study in Myositis
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Sep 26, 2019
First Received: Jun 11, 2015
Disease(s): Myositis, Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy
Locations: The University of Manchester, Manchester, Please Select, United Kingdom
Comparison Between CT and MRI in Preoperative Evaluation of Neurogenic Myositis Ossificans or Neurogenic Para-osteo-arthritis
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: May 31, 2019
First Received: Feb 06, 2019
Disease(s): Neurogenic Myositis Ossificans, Neurogenic Para-osteo-arthritis
Intervention(s): CT scan, MRI examination
Locations: Service d'Imagerie médicale, Hôpital Raymond Poincaré, Garches, Hauts-de-Seine, France
Investigating Genes in Patients With Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Dec 04, 2018
First Received: Jul 28, 2010
Disease(s): Myositis
Intervention(s): Venepuncture
Locations: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, United Kingdom
Low-dose Interleukin-2 Treatment on Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy
Status: Not yet recruiting
Last Changed: Aug 28, 2019
First Received: Aug 20, 2019
Disease(s): Inflammatory Myopathy
Intervention(s): Interleukin-2
Optimizing Treatment on Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Apr 22, 2019
First Received: Mar 27, 2017
Disease(s): Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies
Intervention(s): Intravenous Infusion
Locations: Samuel Katsuyuki Shinjo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Low-dose Interleukin-2 in Combination With Standard Therapy on Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathy
Status: Not yet recruiting
Last Changed: Jan 23, 2020
First Received: Jan 23, 2020
Disease(s): Inflammatory Myopathy
Intervention(s): Interleukin-2, ciclosporin and corticosteroid
Environmental Risk Factors for Myositis in Military Personnel
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 01, 2020
First Received: Nov 27, 2012
Disease(s): Dermatomyositis, Adult Polymyositis, Inclusion Body Myositis, Myositis
Locations: Birmingham VA Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Miami VA Healthcare System, Miami, Florida, United States
Walter Reed National Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, United States
National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland, United States
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare Sys., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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