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Low blood sugar
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Review Articles from PubMed

Review articles summarize what is currently known about a disease. They discuss research previously published by others. The terms "Hypoglycemia" returned 93 free, full-text review articles. First few results:
Hypoglycemia in the Newborn.
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019

This article covers several aspects of the clinical management of neonatal hypoglycemia that have recently evolved, reviewing the evidence informing these recommended changes in practice. Topics covered include use of buccal dextrose gel, rationale for avoiding the traditional "mini ...

A multistep approach for the stratification of the risk of severe hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hypoglycemia is the major limiting factor in the glycemic management of diabetes. Aim of this study was to produce a risk stratification tool to support the medical decision making, by facilitating the identification of patients at higher risk of hypoglycemia.

Neonatal Hypoglycemia: Is There a Sweet Spot?
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Hypoglycemia is one of the most common neonatal problems. Despite increasing evidence that hypoglycemia is linked to neurologic impairment, knowledge regarding the specific value or duration of hypoglycemia that results in injury to the brain remains unclear. Current published statements/guidelines ...

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Editorials from PubMed

Editorial articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Hypoglycemia" returned 18 free, full-text editorial articles. First few results:
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Research Articles from PubMed

Research articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Hypoglycemia" returned 1036 free, full-text research articles. First few results:
Abnormal nocturnal behavior due to hypoglycemia: A case report.
Last Updated: Mar 05, 2019

Hypoglycemia, which is characterized mainly by palpitations, dizziness, and sweating, is common and easy to identify. However, some other symptoms, such as mental disorder or abnormal behavior, are atypical, which may lead to a misdiagnosis of epilepsy, sleepwalking, infarction, or ...

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