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Review Articles from PubMed

Review articles summarize what is currently known about a disease. They discuss research previously published by others. The terms "Dermatomyositis" returned 78 free, full-text review articles. First few results:
[Dermatomyositis combined with IgA vasculitis: A case report].
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2020

Dermatomyositis (DM) is an autoimmune disease characterized by muscle involvement of the proximal extremities and specific skin involvement, like Gottron sign and heliotrope rash. HenochSchonlein purpura (IgA vasculitis) nephritis is characterized by hematuria and/or proteinuria ...

Cutaneous manifestations of dermatomyositis characterized by myositis-specific autoantibodies.
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Dermatomyositis (DM) is an inflammatory myopathy with characteristic skin manifestations, the pathologies of which are considered autoimmune diseases. DM is a heterogeneous disorder with various phenotypes, including myositis, dermatitis, and interstitial lung disease (ILD). Recently ...

[Three cases report of juvenile dermatomyositis with positive anti-melanoma differentiation associated gene 5 (MDA5) antibody and severe interstitial lung disease and literature review].
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2020

To report the clinical features of anti-MDA5 antibody positive juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) complicated with severe interstitial lung disease (ILD). The clinical data of three patients, who was admitted to the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Children's Hospital of the ...

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Editorials from PubMed

Editorial articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Dermatomyositis" returned 6 free, full-text editorial articles. First few results:
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Research Articles from PubMed

Research articles describe the outcome of a single study. They are the published results of original research. The terms "Dermatomyositis" returned 864 free, full-text research articles. First few results:
Pyogenic tenosynovitis of the wrist due to Corynebacterium striatum in a patient with dermatomyositis: A case report.
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Corynebacterium striatum is common contaminant in clinical specimens. Here, we report a rare case of pyogenic tenosynovitis of the wrist caused by C striatum in a dermatomyositis patient taking oral immunosuppressants.

Fatal and extensive multiorgan hemorrhages in anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5 antibody-positive dermatomyositis: An autopsy case report.
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5 antibody (anti-MDA5 Ab) is an autoantigen associated with dermatomyositis (DM). Anti-MDA5 Ab-positive DM patients frequently exhibit clinically amyopathic dermatomyositis (CADM), and develop rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease ...

[Clinical analysis for 108 cases of dermatomyositis].
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2020

To investigate the clinical characteristics of dermatomyositis, to investigate the types and clinical features of dermatomyositis complicated with malignant tumor, and to provide evidence for clinical diagnosis, treatment and prognostic evaluation.
 Methods: The clinical manifestations ...

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