Neurofibromatosis Mid-Atlantic

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Mission Statement:

Neurofibromatosis Mid-Atlantic is a non profit organization dedicated to helping people with Neurofibromatosis and their loved ones make sense of the complex medical disorder. We provide reliable, complete, and up to date information about Neurofibromatosis. We provide education, support, and community. There is no charge for our services.

Conditions Served:

Organization Name: Neurofibromatosis Mid-Atlantic
Acronym: NF Mid-Atlantic
Status of Org: Incorporated Nonprofit
Type of Org: Condition – specific – International
Have 501(c)3 Status: Yes
Year Established: 1979
Professional/Medical Board: Yes
Board of Directors: Yes
Paid Staff: Yes
Services Provided in these Languages: English
Other Languages Spoken: Thai, French, Spanish
# of People with Conditions on Your Mailing List: 4000
Total # of People on Mailing List: 7000
# of Active Members/Volunteers in Your Organization: 30
Membership Size: 14000
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Address & Contact

Organization Address

Phone: +1(443)443-0535
Address 1: 3600 Clipper Mill Road
Address 2: Suite 240
City: Baltimore
State: Maryland
Zip/Postal Code: 21211
Country: United States
Prefer to be Contacted: By Email

Contact Persons

Name: Barbra . Levin
Title/Position: Executive Director
Degree: MA., M.P.H.
Phone: +1(443)423-0535
Prefer to be Reached: During the Day
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Educational Materials

Information Provided for

  • Affected Individuals
  • Families of Affected Individuals
  • Care Providers
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Researchers
  • The Public
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Media
  • Legislators

Printed Materials Provided in

  • English
  • Spanish

      Educational Materials Include

      • Fact Sheet(s)
      • Pamphlet(s)
      • Website
      • Newsletter
      • Journal Articles on Condition
      • Bibliography
      • Research Updates
      • Video(s)/Movie(s)
      • Student Materials

      Conferences & Workshops

      • Affected Individuals and/or Families
      • Public
      • Professionals

        Service and Support Information

        Range of Services Include

        • Referrals to Research Studies
        • Referrals to Matching Individuals/Families
        • Peer Support
        • Peer-to-peer Counseling
        • Grief Counseling
        • Help with Adoption or Placement
        • Medical Referrals
        • Genetic Information
        • Rehabilitation Resource Referrals
        • Referrals for Non-medical Services
        • Non-medical Services
        • Awareness Programs
        • Advocacy
        • Speakers
        • Telephone Helpline
        • Summer Camp
        • Services for the Hearing Impaired

        Financial Assistance for

        No information is available for Financial Assistance for.

        Research Information

        Cohort Development

        No information is available for Cohort Development.

        Disease Characterization

        No information is available for Disease Characterization.

        Research Management

        No information is available for Research Management.

        Research Funding

        No information is available for Research Funding.


          No information is available for Resources.