Anorchidism Support Group

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Mission Statement:

ASG was founded to address the need for information, help and support for families with children, as well as young persons/adults affected by absence of the testes, whether congenital or acquired.

Conditions Served:

Anorchia, Anorchidism, Vanishing testes syndrome (VTS), Testicular regression syndrome (TRS)

Organization Name: Anorchidism Support Group
Acronym: ASG
Status of Org: Publicly Funded
Type of Org: Condition – specific – International
Have 501(c)3 Status: No
Year Established: 1995
Professional/Medical Board: Yes
Board of Directors: No
Paid Staff: No
Services Provided in these Languages: English
# of People with Conditions on Your Mailing List: 120
Total # of People on Mailing List: 120
Membership Size: 120
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Address & Contact

Organization Address

Phone: 44 (0) 1708 372597
Address 1: Please see website
City: Please see website
Zip/Postal Code: Please see website
Country: United Kingdom
Prefer to be Contacted: By Email

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Educational Materials

Information Provided for

  • Affected Individuals
  • Families of Affected Individuals

      Printed Materials Provided in

      • English

            Educational Materials Include

            • Fact Sheet(s)
            • Newsletter
            • Journal Articles on Condition

              Conferences & Workshops

              No information is available for Conferences/Workshops.

              Service and Support Information

              Range of Services Include

              • Referrals to Matching Individuals/Families
              • Telephone Helpline

              Financial Assistance for

              No information is available for Financial Assistance for.

              Research Information

              Cohort Development

              No information is available for Cohort Development.

              Disease Characterization

              No information is available for Disease Characterization.

              Research Management

              No information is available for Research Management.

              Research Funding

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